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Note: You will be redirected to our web store to complete your order.


Please note that you will need to select your drop-off point in order to place the order. Currently, the Gravie Breakfast Club provides drop-offs exclusively for employees at:

  • TAIT Towers » 7:45am drop

  • Clair Global » 8:00am drop

Additionally, members of the Rock Lititz Community can place an order to be picked up at the Canteen Smart Market side of Gravie:

  • Rock Lititz Pod 2 » pickup between 8:15-11:00am

Breakfast sandwiches to be picked up at Gravie will be labeled with your name & placed in a warmer beginning at 8:15am & remain available until 11:00am. After 11:00am, any unclaimed sandwiches will be discarded in accordance with PA Department of Health guidelines.

Gravie Breakfast Club FAQ Zone

As with the debut of any new service, there’s sure to be some logistical questions burning in your mind. In turn, we’ve done our best to document the questions that we had in formulating the Gravie Breakfast Club & address them up front so that there isn’t any pesky ambiguities standing in the way of you enjoying a delicious, delicious breakfast…

Short version:
Gravie Breakfast Club is available Tuesday-Friday for delivery to employees of TAIT or Clair Global and for pickup at Gravie by Rock Lititz Community members.

Orders must be placed between 2pm of the preceding day & 6am of the day you want to eat your sandwich/burrito/bowl.


So, like, what happened to the Coffee Bar?
As you no doubt know by now, our team has been busy as all heck planning for the launch of our sister restaurant, Per Diem. More than making use of our team’s time & attention, however, Per Diem also saw the migration of our fancy coffee gear head on over to Hotel Rock Lititz in order to provide specialty coffee service to Per Diem / hotel guests along with the general public. This shift led to our inviting the good folks at Canteen to install their Smart Market where the Coffee Bar once stood, which stocks all kinds of drinks & snacks with 24/7 availability.

Why not just stock the Smart Market with breakfast items & call it a day?
Because our regulars have told us time & again just how much they love our breakfast sandwiches, burritos & burrito bowls.

I’m not an employee of TAIT or Clair Global, but my office is reallllly close. Can I order for pickup at one of their locations?
At this time, Gravie Breakfast Club delivery is only available for employees of TAIT or Clair Global. If you are part of the Rock Lititz Community, you are invited to order breakfast items for pickup at Gravie.

Is this service available all week long?
At this time, Gravie Breakfast Club orders are only available for delivery/pickup Tuesday-Friday. While we’d like to say we’re ditching Mondays because Mondays suck, it’s really because of the logistics of our food ordering. We’ll let you know if this changes.

When / how do I place an order?
Orders must be placed between 2:00pm on the preceding day & 6:00am of the delivery/pickup day.

  • Example: If you want to have a delicious breakfast burrito on Wednesday morning, you must place that order between 2:00pm Tuesday & 6:00am Wednesday.

Can I order for multiple people?
While this system is intended for personal orders – meaning the person placing the order is only ordering for his/herself – we totally understand that sometimes bets are lost or IOU’s requested.

  • In order to ensure the best quality in our delivery/pickup services, we request orders do not exceed 2 items.

  • If you’d like to place an order for a larger group (i.e. your team or department), please contact us by email ( or phone (717-925-0520) with at least 24 hour advance notice to place your order. This will be treated like a catering order.

I forgot to order before the 6:00am cutoff. Can I just call my order in or come to Gravie & order in person?
No. At this time, we are only honoring orders placed between 2pm & 6am as described above. You may see some staff around Gravie in the morning, but they are focused on getting our lunch service ready for the day & so will not be able to tend to individual orders. We apologize if this seems weird or upsetting, but we have every confidence that you will get familiar with this system 😎

Why are breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos & burrito bowls the only items available?
Sure, we enjoyed bringing signature sandwiches like The Rock or The Atomic to life on our previous breakfast menu, but we decided to K.I.S.S. as we debut the Gravie Breakfast Club. Will the offerings list grow in the future? Maybe……?

Any more questions? Let’s hear ’em.